Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Sandals Grande St. lucian

is a very beautiful resort which is located in Pigeon Island Causeway which cake is very beautiful Caribbean. The green is much slower than the heavy greenery, as well as there are better beaches around the beach as well in Sandals Grande St. Lucian.

The resort has specially designed beauty for honeymoon couples and also for other weddings. There are also weddings here and even for honeymoon couples from far and wide come here from all over the world to spend their time. 

It has become a very favourite place for the location of the wedding, so you can get your wedding done here as well, but you can also celebrate the honeymoon, in a way it has become a combo of both, your honeymoon is also here per man.

And so can marriage. Weddings inside the Sandals Grande St. Lucian have now become a regular event, which takes place once every other third day. There are a total of three St. Lucia resorts per island, which is even more luxurious. 

The largest and most famous of the two has become Sandals Grande St. Lucian. When you visit here, you get to see all kinds of activities like golf and scuba diving on the right land and water which you can shape here. 

And this is part of all activities packages which you get when you come here and you can use it unlimited or no one is perfect that you can only do twice can do thrice you can try it unlimited times can in Sandals Grande.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian is quite different, but the amount of accommodation here is fantastic. Here you have also been provided with a butler’s facility and here you will get the deluxe water bungalow from above. 

Sandals Grande has a rain oval as well as wonderful round oval sweets, all of which he has provided inside your package and here you have also got the waiters with white glass, which is much more clean and hygienic. 

We keep our tails as well as our facilities. These bungalows come with glass floors which allow you to see the sea under your couple and that looks much more beautiful and amazing looking as if you are standing on top of yourself which is also the reality but still. It can be enjoyed inside the Sandals Grande resort.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

 If you apply for butler service then you have to take care of all your e-requirements and all your orders, what you used and what you want to do. He also arranges candlelight dinner for you and gives you morning drinks, 

also takes you to the beach and helps in doing more interesting activities. If it is your honeymoon then you have to paint your honeymoon with your couple per size head and head here, all the rest of the saree activities are done here yourself, be ready for the morning dream.

When you’re a guest at Sandals Grande St. Lucian, you have free and unlimited everything that is accessible to you. Sandals St. Lucia Resorts, Sandals Regency La Toque and Sandals Halcyon Beach also give you access to all these free activities. 

And along with these 27 restaurants are also available which is included in the package of Sandals Grande. Here you get to see the variety of so many restaurants all over the world.

On these three islands, you also get a chance to try different restaurant food and you can do a lot of activities on these Tino Islands even at night. 

Your honeymoon trip is going to be one of the best trips of your life to spend with your partner in Sandals Grande

Another equally much more thrilling and thrilling ride to witness the life of the sea, the Sandals Grande is one of the glass top boats of Sandals Grande St. Louis. Inside it, you can enjoy the whole water life without getting wet and can see the sea more closely.

 There are so many more water spots available here that Sandals Grande make the Grande St. Louis honeymoon much more awesome and romantic, here you get only water skiing and more thrilling rides like snorkeling, paddle boarding rides and wind surfing jessie rides are also available in Sandals Grande.

With the help of all these water rides, you can make your honeymoon much more exciting and thrilling as well, it is up to you which ride you prefer.

When you come back to the middle of the ocean, here you can play all your sports, one of which is volleyball, tennis or many other sports you can play on the beach, here you can also enjoy night parties You can also dance and dance here,

the party that happens in the night time, here you can make 24\7 big, it’s never a thing band 24 everything is open here.

You are going to be very hungry to do all the activities here because you get a little tired to ride here and you start feeling hungry. And luckily, you get a total of 12 hotels within your one resort where you can enjoy unlimited dining and enjoy dining per day. If that’s not enough for you, you can try all the rest of the restaurants here at Sandals Grande Lucia Resort.

All this is included inside your package, so you neither have to do it on some letters nor do you need to give any tip to anyone, it is absolutely free for you and it is unlimited, it also has the benefit of your hunger. He can grow it and can do as much as he wants.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian has 12 restaurants in total, and you can eat as much as you want 24 hours a day, everything is absolutely free and there is no food count, just as much as you want. So you will not have to worry about your budget, here you will get to see more than one delicious food, which is much more delicious to eat.


In the hotel, you can eat outside and enjoy the fresh air of the ocean. It is a buffet which serves you breakfast and lunch in the morning, which is much more delicious to eat and the evening food here is also very tasty.

You can eat food even if you want, you can eat food sitting inside the house or you can also have candle light dinner by sitting next to Starsky Light at night.

The pastry is coated with a more delicious sauce made with wild mushrooms, and is one of the specialties here. That aside, it helps to enjoy a French with Caribbean flair.


 Feeling like eating some Italian food? You also get Italian food near Toscanini’s, which is used in a more beautiful way, sir, its taste is also very tasty and there are many more healthy foods and here you will also see a lot of junk food. to get varieties of talent I can enjoy here per size also this light of my lunch dinner with delicious food here in Sandals Grande St. Lucian


 Sometimes you are in the mood to eat something very tasty or light. So you can visit a pastry shop where the coffee is small, it is very sweet. Here you have also got to see light bat food because it is a pastry shop. Where the pastry is more delicious in taste. By eating the pastries here, you are going to feel more awesome.

barefoot by the sea

 If you don’t have good shoes to walk, no problem. You can enjoy seafood on the exact beach where you don’t even need chu, here you have got to eat pretty good seafood, you can also try scallop ceviche here.

Old London Pub

Feeling like going off the island without leaving the island? Two you can visit is an English pub where you will get to see real and coffee, more delicious fish and chips and other pub fare. Here you get to see a very good one which makes you feel good.

There is power and there is power to make your honeymoon trip quite nice and a little romantic. Here you also get other drinks and beer. You get a lot of coffee.

Dino’s Pizzeria

Sometimes you feel like eating nothing but a mouth-watering brick oven pizza that you can find at Dio Pizzeria. It is always delicious and your mood becomes very refreshing. The bad taste of eating it is very good.

jerk shack

Authentic Caribbean cuisine, also known as jerky, is a dish that has more spices added to it, which makes someone more flavorful and spicy. This dish is one of Yaha’s most famous dishes. It is more famous because of its spices, because the ingredients and spices that are put inside it, the taste of the same food changes a lot and it is also a lot of fun to eat.

the mariner

Here you have got to eat a lot of fresh food, which is all done for you with proven rains and it is also grilled on the side of the beach, which is quite refreshing, here you will get a lot of grilled foods apart from seafood. You have also got to see grilled burgers here, the taste of all items is much more delicious, you can eat grilled food here.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort consists of 301 rooms which are very luxury and deluxe. Sandals Grand Lucian was built and opened in the year of 2003 in a month of September 23 and Sandals resort is designed for adult people and couples only. There is no need to be in a married couple or relationship.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian is a much more casual resort than just a bit of a day trip and exudes great feel and vibes. Here you can swim and can also make beach beer, which is a very good thing, but during the night you get a chance to have a kaffi saree party here. Kafi looks more attractive after wearing it.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

The daily budget here is around $250 per night and the deluxe service costs 6$635 per night. And the honeymoon butler bungalow above the water from the pen here costs $ 1260 3 per night, which is more expensive and you get more different facilities which are also more deluxe.

Size in the Resort You can make your honeymoon the best trip for the rest of your life just by having a good budget and having a partner who is more romantic than anyone.

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