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Bhopal – Government of Madhya Pradesh for the earliest children. pubg mobile must control

Online Gaming (Pubg Mobile)

To control the end of your state at the earliest. I am a law enforcer.

Due to an 11 year old boy in the first week in Bhopal City.

Why did the child tell us without informing his family members? All the money was withdrawn from his accounts and invested in online games.

But JB used to realize later that he had made a big mistake. So because of the fear of the donor of his family, he committed suicide. Like children or there are thousands of children in the country.

Those who regularly withdraw money from the account of their family members without informing them.

Or else they take such wrong steps because of the rate.

Now in law all of the online games and predictions type.

Apps and online investing games are being asked to be declared a crime.

All these online games are becoming worse than the habit of addiction. Which is not at all good for the upcoming youth or children.

Isli government in all types of games and websites.

Appealing to install a PR bun, so that the future of the youth is safe and there is no more damage,

Such online games (pubg mobile) and prediction games without permission.

The company that makes the K can also be jailed. And giving the right to the government can also be done.

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pubg mobile news update

According to Bhopal Police

Suryant Ojha, 11, of Shankaracharya Colony.

Last week and without informing mom-dad, he withdrew Rs 6,000 from their account

Then he also committed suicide because of the rate, which is not good for the youth at all.

Or this is a very important topic that everyone should know about.

This suicide is completely related to online gaming. To prevent such incidents.

The government will take Takht steps as soon as possible.

Or for this the government is not enough to bring rules and regulations,

A lot of laws have already been prepared, but now there is little or no want.

Dr. Narottam Mishra, Law Minister of the state also said that…

The news of suicide has started worrying many people.

For our children and for this reason, we have asked the government to control it,

They also say that it is because of the mental condition of the children.

And physically the condition is getting worse.

Batch in online games | PUBG Mobile | But spend your whole day.

Bitane has started which should not be done on online games (pubg mobile).

Because of this, the health of the children can also deteriorate a lot.

Alisa Khan, a 2-year-old girl, is one of the thousands of children in the state.

Who are spending more and more time in online games (Pubg Mobile).

Her parents also have a lot to say that she has increased her health-related problems.

It is not right for him to spend so much time on mobile at such a young age.

Because of this, we want the government to control the game like drug addiction.

From whom the youth of our country also control me in future.

“From 2019 since this pandemic has been started, all the children of world have been studying online.

He is studying on his mobile and laptop, because of which he is. bethe bethe he pith me pain having lg goes

Jada der phone even on his eyes from looking at the laptop screen. Too many bad effects have been had which are not at all good.

This is also having a very bad effect on his health.

Or is it children playing online games along with doing their studies? (Pubg Mobile) has also started paying more attention

Parents can’t always keep an eye on them.

That’s why children have started playing online games more.” – Alisa Khan’s father – Faheem Khan told this to NDTV.

M Khan said that to control online gaming (pubg mobile).

The government will be able to bring the law. Or uski should be strictly enforced in all states and cities as well.

in August,

The state government has launched the online game which is known by every person in india.

Which is “Free Fire” or “Pubg Mobile”. us against the developer of the game

Bananas are such an addictive drug type game. Court me case file was also registered,

For which the small children of today are ready to waste even their lives.

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Today’s children’s thinking about the online game “Pubg Mobile” has become very different,

Children are very much accustomed to sports, which is for the future.

It is not right at all or how much is the craze for online games.

You can feel that in your own colony.

How to behave. No one seems outside, BS all are busy on their mobiles,

The government has to do something for this as soon as possible. Or it will also have to be taken against strict action.

Madhya Pradesh: Teen Dies While Playing PUBG, ‘Heart Attack’ Suspected

According to the police, the 19-year-old boy whose name is Deepak Rathore.

Whose dono like I had a disability and Deepak used to teach in class 11th.

Or that wire he used to live in his house.

Or he attends his school’s online classes from his home.

Or lay all the classes regularly or spent the rest of the time on his mobile.

New Delhi: In Andra Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh

While playing pubg mobile game of a 19 year old boys

He died of a sudden fall because all his attention was on his game.

Or he had no sense around himself that he was eating.

Or at what wake was Betha?

According to reports, Deepak Rathore was a student of class 11 or had disabled his legs.

Or this incident is also of holiday days

of matlab around noon time on sunday.

It was revealed by Deepak’s family members that he was playing mobile in his house or suddenly fell heavily. PTI again informed the police station officer of his area, Anil Sharma, that the agreement was there.

Sharma sir told that by the time he was taken to the hospital, he had died and the doctors had also declared him dead.

Deepak normally lived in his house or did not go out because of problems with his feet or gave his online classes throughout the day.

But the police said that he plays that game on his mobile, he used to spend all his time like this or he was slowly getting distracted from studies or he used to spend his time in that game.

After the post-mortem of the girl’s body, it was given to her family members.

According to the police, his initial investigation revealed that he may have died of cardiac arrest, according to the police report.

PUBG Mobile India is now available in India as Battleground Mobile India as it is India’s own version or PUBG Mobile India as its global version.

Which was made by the Government of India in India.

This year in April Maine, a 12-year-old boy went missing in Bangalore’s Ullal City or was found dead days later.

The local police officers had taken into custody a 17-year-old boy who was found online in a used pubg mobile or used to play pubg mobile with him.

Children and elders also playing pub mobile is becoming a topic of tension for their family members because all these are becoming addicted to pub mobile.

A sitting judge till Yaha wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, asking that Garena Free Fire or Pub Mobile India (now Battleground Mobile India) should be closed at the earliest.

Because all the online games are having a very bad effect on the youth or children of the country.

In a report on August 2 in the Times of India, Additional District Judge Anresh Kumar Laka, in his letter to Narendra Modi, described or even appreciated the decision to create Pub Mobile India in the first year.

He said that Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile (Battleground Mobile India)

It should also be made as a pub mobile as soon as possible so that the youth of India remain safe or can concentrate well on their studies.

In today’s time, both these games are becoming very popular or small children are getting more and more attracted towards them which is not good for them or their family at all.

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